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Look out Bollywood Starlets!

I finally fulfilled my dream of being the fat guy with a mustache surrounded by girls in a Bollywood dance sequence.: If you like my moves and need a paunchy white guy for a dance sequence, I may be available. I will have to talk to my agents. (Thanks to the Srishti dance group who […]

Back from Kutch.

Used In The World

I have started a new Photo Blog called Used In The World. The images were collected from 7 Emerging Economies during the research portion of the emerging economy report. (I did the Brazil Field Research for the Report back in November 2007. I will post a new images of adaptive reuse, street hacks, and grey […]

Urban Typhoon Outcome

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger jpg. Download the whole report in .pdf form here. Group Members: DCOOP (Quaid Doongerwala, ShilpaRanade, Sanjay Chikermane) Luke W. Perry Victoria Zackery C. Denfeld Bhakti