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Know Your EcoRegion

Level I Level III Portland, OR. Level I: Marine West Coast Forest Leval II: Marine West Coast Forest Level III Willamette Valley Level IV: Portland Basin I have recently become obsessed with looking at and creating maps of ecoregions. I would need to get high resolution satellite images to make this tast easier for me. […]

BioRegions Bleed Borders

A sketch for a series of prints that show different countries and the ecoregions which bleed across politically created borders.

American Camo: Level 3 EcoRegions

Artists vs. Spooks (Who is Darker?)

ARTISTS: In 2005 some artists made a site where you could bet on where the next ‘”terrorist” attack’ would be. They wrote: Are you sick of betting only on Nasdaq, on the price of oil, or on football games? How about on where the next terrorist attack is gonna take place? Here is their map: […]

Photos from the first plugfinder.com guided walking tour

Thank you very much to all of the artists who particpated: Melanie Manos Adrianne Finelli Nick Tobier Adrienne Vetter Forest Bright and Charles Fairbanks. Thanks also to Brad Smith and Colleen Cox for helping to document. (All images except the front of the car were taken by Brad Smith. Car pic from Adrienne Vetter. Thank […]

Sketch for Patent Map of the Human Genome

by Zack Denfeld and Gabe Harp.