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Not Enough Eyeballs On The Planet

Attention Economy Controlling Information Pollution Property Right in Attention anyone? If television delivers people what does YouTube deliver?

Clash of Standardizations

In the age of information Wars do video standards draw the fault lines of conflict? This is probably old news with all of the new formats and the convergence on the computer screen. But I was interested to see that North Korea uses PAL for domestic broadcast and runs a propaganda station in NTSC aimed […]

Mobile Phones and the End of the World

Man, I don’t want to get all technophobic on you all, but, this just in from /.: (The following synopsis from Democracy Now) Scientists: Cell Phones Could Be Cause of Missing Bees In science news, more theories are emerging on what is causing the disappearances of bees across the country and in Europe. As much […]

My Information Drive

My information drive has been changing rapidly in the last five years, and continues to evolve. In high school I stopped watching television, and started listening exclusively to NPR and music. And the music I listened to got quieter and quieter over the years (as is to be expected)[1]. Now I don’t even listen to […]