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Robot Car Chase Scene

Justi (a DJ in Bangalore) and I both like drone and glitchy electronica and got talking about performing live experimental electonic music. I wrote these tracks yesterday using no-input mixer and guitar pedals as a warm up. The hectic: PickleWerks The beat heavy:Robot Car Chase Scene. The more ambient: Shimmer Shimmer Temple Mix

Rattling Wall Collective

For AASwarMArt’s closing night, the rattling wall collective dropped in and performed two 1-hour improvised noise sets.

My Information Drive

My information drive has been changing rapidly in the last five years, and continues to evolve. In high school I stopped watching television, and started listening exclusively to NPR and music. And the music I listened to got quieter and quieter over the years (as is to be expected)[1]. Now I don’t even listen to […]