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PDX Soup Night

Check out pdxsoupnight.com Soup Nights are gatherings of people who want to eat and socialize. Meet new people, talk, watch movies, performances, listen to music or play games. Eat soup. Be happy. Soup is provided by the host and should reflect current or cultural themes. Feel free to bring bread, wine, beer, cookies, or other […]

Look out Bollywood Starlets!

I finally fulfilled my dream of being the fat guy with a mustache surrounded by girls in a Bollywood dance sequence.: If you like my moves and need a paunchy white guy for a dance sequence, I may be available. I will have to talk to my agents. (Thanks to the Srishti dance group who […]


I just found an old CD with these images form August 2005: the EARTHWuRMs make a big box fort and rock out: (photos by AnnA Perricci)

Pecha Kucha

Okay…so even thought it totally poured the second I grabbed the Mic, the Pecha Kucha: Systems Alive! event was great. Thanks to everyone who braved the downpour and for all the great speakers. Thanks for CKS for hosting and Burnt Jam and Toast for VJing. Speakers: Abhas Abhinav Alan Manley Chitra Vishwanath Gabriel Harp Prayas […]

UNSUNI: A Performance by Darpana/Mallika Sarabhai

(Also from A.V.): “Unsuni is a physical, musical theatre piece based on Harsh Mander’s book Unheard Voices. And these voices were being “heard” in an elitist international school, the audience being the students and faculty of Aditi and the faculty of Srishti. It was an emotive, incendiary performance. I am always suspicious of art that […]

John Cage Hardware Store

Buublegone vs. Verzerren did an improvised set of live sculpture and A/V performance. After the set was complete the live sculptures were put on display in the gallery.

Dinner with Ann Arbor City Council Woman Jean Carlberg

Tonight CityCouncilWoman Jean Carlsberg, (purple blouse on the right) joined the AASwarMArt crew for a dinner and discussion. The menu included Sticky Sweet Coconut Rice, Summer Salad (tomato, onion, cucumbers, and rice vinegar), hand rolled Vietnamese Spring Rolls (mint, apple, pepper, bean thread noodles), and the best soup that has been made at WORK so […]

PBL Solaris mix

Potter Belmar presented one of their new mixes: A feature length remix of Solaris. The show was called Tent of Thee Summer Solstice, because they set up and performed inside of the Media tent in the gallery. This nomadic media center has traveled and disseminated information all around Europe, and has stopped in our Mart. […]

The JIRCs + the EarthWurms @ Freaks in the House

The Unreal Tournament

THE UNREAL TOURNAMENT @ Metroscene, E.Lansing, MI, January 22, 2005 The Earthwurms (With Speacial guest C from the JIRCs) vs Potter-Belmar Labs Relentless doses of recursive video/casio bravado earn the Earthwurms points for their depiction of “sunsets”. Ultimately the audio-visual assault team, a.k.a. Potter-Belmar Labs, wins the bout!