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Panopticonfidence: Performing For / Against the Camera

Panopticon Sousveillance No google hits for “Sousveillance Cinema” yet. Panopticonfidence (here, here and here).

New York City subpoenas creator of TXTMOB

I just got this link from a friend this morning. Need to find out more about the cities actual request, but how is this anything other than an insane invasion of privacy, and an authoritarian reaction to citizen run media? From ZDnet. (Oringinally appeared here in the NYTimes) “….Although the service, called TXTmob, was widely […]

Precision Parade

If you are lost you can point your LOCATION AWARE device at the sky. You only need to find THREE Satellites to KNOW YOUR PLACE. Using satellites makes it very easy to GET PEOPLE TO MOVE. Satellite technology means many people can be QUICKLY DIRECTED FROM HERE TO THERE. Coordination of the flow of masses […]

No-Tech Ambient Information Environments

Do you want an always-on ambient information environment so you can know what all your friends and peers are up to? Forget twitter or dodgeball: simply open up your window. After moving into my apartment in Bangalore last night I awoke to some amazing sounds. Right outside my window I could hear a few bird […]

Stopping Cingular from Locking

About a year ago I went to pick out a new mobile phone. I had been rocking the camera-less phone with the black and white screen for much too long, so my mobile phone provider (Cingular [The New AT&T {The same old scams}]) all but begged me to upgrade so they could make profit on […]

Mobile Phones and the End of the World

Man, I don’t want to get all technophobic on you all, but, this just in from /.: (The following synopsis from Democracy Now) Scientists: Cell Phones Could Be Cause of Missing Bees In science news, more theories are emerging on what is causing the disappearances of bees across the country and in Europe. As much […]

HeadCrash: Lose Your Place

I have been looking at the Headmap Manifesto (.pdf) again. I First saw it in the fall of 2004. It inspired me to write the Blue Puddle Manifesto and to pursue many of the ideas I have incorporated into my Masters thesis. As I went to revisit the text in the last week I noticed […]

Spiritual Machines

Churches are one of the few quite quiet spaces left. Churches are no longer quiet spaces at all. Even the church is online. The candles are humming with electricity. Now that all of our minds are hooked up, our brains are running out of time. Pretty soon humans are going to be entirely inadequate in […]