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In The Nature of the Experiment

IN THE NATURE OF THE EXPERIMENT from srishti on Vimeo. This is a short (10 minute) documentary that captures the spirit of the CEMA lab at Srishti with one school year under our belt. Thanks to Ayisha, Ulrike and Smriti for their hard work on it.

Ice Cream // Fruit Dosa:

I make a cameo in this Video. Gabe writes: “The dosa is a very common dish in southern India. It is especially eaten for breakfast with a range of savory fillings, from potatoes masala to onion or coconut. When I suggested that fruit would be a good substitute, my idea was met with skepticism and […]

Clash of Standardizations

In the age of information Wars do video standards draw the fault lines of conflict? This is probably old news with all of the new formats and the convergence on the computer screen. But I was interested to see that North Korea uses PAL for domestic broadcast and runs a propaganda station in NTSC aimed […]

CKS CultureShop

Meeting and Party at CKS house.

PBL Solaris mix

Potter Belmar presented one of their new mixes: A feature length remix of Solaris. The show was called Tent of Thee Summer Solstice, because they set up and performed inside of the Media tent in the gallery. This nomadic media center has traveled and disseminated information all around Europe, and has stopped in our Mart. […]

The JIRCs + the EarthWurms @ Freaks in the House

Archeologists Ask Questions

This is a cool video made by Carl that I appeared in, using footage from Night of The Living Dead Media, in Eugene, Oregon. Me and Carl made some insane video feedback with a no-input analog video mixer.

The Unreal Tournament

THE UNREAL TOURNAMENT @ Metroscene, E.Lansing, MI, January 22, 2005 The Earthwurms (With Speacial guest C from the JIRCs) vs Potter-Belmar Labs Relentless doses of recursive video/casio bravado earn the Earthwurms points for their depiction of “sunsets”. Ultimately the audio-visual assault team, a.k.a. Potter-Belmar Labs, wins the bout!